‘I Act for Sudan’ Generates Facebook Buzz, Urges U.S. to Protect Atrocity Victims

Posted by Corrine Hauth on Nov 16, 2011

Following up on its recent open letter to President Obama, the new alliance Act for Sudan is mobilizing on Facebook this week to get its message out to the masses and especially policy makers: It is time for the U.S. government to escalate actions against the Khartoum regime.

In an email to activists announcing the launch of the “I Act for Sudan” Facebook campaign, Katie-Jay Scott of partner organization iAct wrote:

The problem isn’t the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, Darfur or Abyei. The problem is the Khartoum regime that has consistently pursued a policy of genocide against the civilians it is supposed to protect. We must continue to pressure our own government to act.

Enough is supporting the Facebook campaign this week and encourages readers to join.

Through the end of this week, “Like” Act for Sudan on Facebook and email Katie-Jay Scott at ktj[at]iactivism.org for daily emails about campaign slogans and target reminders. Each day, Katie-Jay sends out a personal story from the region, and participants are asked to take a photo of themselves with the story, post it on Act for Sudan’s Facebook page, and tag an influential U.S. leader.

The first two days of the campaign have generated an inspiring thread of notes and photos. Check them out and add your own.

Today's story is about Zayed's experience: