Al Jazeera English spotlights SSP in a report on Sudan

“Today, while Southern Sudan prepares for independence, the orphan state of Southern Kordofan is preparing for long and bitter war with its adoptive parent, the Khartoum Government.” –Callum Macrae

While South Sudan celebrated its independence, the northern State of South Kordofan continued to suffer from an ethnic cleansing campaign perpetrated by its own government. In a July 9 news broadcast, Al Jazerra English featured two stories – one from the ground in a South Kordofan hospital, and the other from the sky, featuring Enough Project Communications Director Jonathan Hutson talking about recent satellite imagery.

Al Jazeera’s Callum Macrae traveled to South Kordofan, met the only doctor in the state, interviewed UN troops, and reported back with evidence of war crimes.

“The reason the Khartoum government wants to keep the eyes of the world away from this area is clear…We found compelling evidence that the government has backed its military offensive against the forces of the SPLA in Southern Kordofan with a campaign of indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas," said Macrae.

New Yorker Dr. Tom Catena, who has worked at Mother of Mercy Hospital since 2008 and is the only doctor in South Kordofan adds, “the Antonov [a strategic airlift plane designed to transport troops and weapons] is not a good military weapon because they can’t target a barracks or a building. It’s a weapon of terror. It destroys.”

Back in Washington, D.C., SSP’s Jonathan Hutson provided commentary and a satellite view of the crisis. “In the Nuba Mountains region, this border region of South Kordofan, we’ve seen visual evidence: satellite imagery, photos from the ground, reporters going in, aid workers reporting out, campaigns of bombardment.”

Collum Macrae’s documentary, “Sudan: War and Independence, People and Power” aired on Al Jazerra English at 22:30 GMT on Wednesday, July 13.