Sudan: U.N., Aid Group Allegedly Targeted in Blue Nile Bombing

Within hours of the Satellite Sentinel Project’s warning about a possible pending attack on the town of Kurmuk, there is a report indicating that the U.N. mission and compound of Save the Children were targeted in a government bombing campaign. According to a spokesman for the opposition SPLM-North, quoted by AFP, an Antonov bombed the town, which is under SPLA-N control. The Enough Project could not confirm the attack or the targets but will attempt to substantiate through satellite images and sources on the ground the details of what allegedly occurred. In response, Enough’s Co-Founder John Prendergast said:

Not only are innocent civilians being indiscriminately bombarded, which is a war crime, but government forces are also trying to remove all forms of humanitarian aid to rebellious areas. The regime intends to starve out the opposition, committing yet another crime against humanity.