Video: The Economist interviews John Prendergast on the U.S., China, and prospects for peace in Sudan

Sitting in his office in D.C., Enough’s John Prendergast took part in the video series Tea with The Economist, recently featured on the magazine’s website. The conversation focuses on the Sudan referendum and division of Africa’s largest country, with an emphasis on how the U.S. and China’s objectives coalesced to help bring about a peaceful vote in the South that was quickly accepted by the northern ruling party.

A key quote from Prendergast:

“We [the United States] don’t always have to lecture China; it doesn’t really turn out very well for us. But when we try to figure out when we have mutual outcomes that we’d like to see – whether it’s in Zimbabwe, or Congo, or any other place around Africa where we might actually have some shared objectives, for very different reasons – we ought to be talking a lot more with the Chinese about how practically we can work together to achieve them.”

Watch the segment.


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