Documenting the Crisis

SAF combar operations at El Obeid

What do you get when you combine cutting edge imagery and data analysis? You get a game-changing project that uses technological innovations document, deter, and seek accountability for war criminals and mass atrocities.

SSP seeks to hold perpatrators of alleged mass atrocities accountable by documenting human rights crimes as they develop and unfold.

Crisis Tracking and Documentation

Through analysis of DigitalGlobe's satellite imagery, the Satellite Sentinel Project can identify chilling warning signs — elevated roads for moving heavy armor, lengthened airstrips for landing attack aircraft, build-ups of troops, tanks, and artillery preparing for invasion — and sound the alarm.

In other cases, SSP has notified the world of heinous crimes that would go otherwise undocumented and unreported. DigitalGlobe imagery supports evidence of alleged mass graves, razed villages, and forced displacement. SSP shines a spotlight on the atrocities committed in Sudan and lets alleged perpetrators know that the world is watching.

SSP's reports containing high resolution imagery are available to everyone, from journalists to the International Criminal Court. SSP's reports have been used as evidence in the International Crimal Court investigation of recent alleged crimes in Sudan.  

“The Satellite Sentinel Project is a clear example of how technology transforms the way we think about and prepare for crises. In the hands of well-trained and experienced analysts guided by humanitarian principles, satellite technology provides a potent new way of ensuring that the world witnesses threats to civilians.” – Michael Van Rooyen, Director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative