Evidence of Apparent Mass Graves

mass graves near tilo school

In a series of reports, published from July 14 to August 24, 2011, SSP identified apparent mass graves at eight sites in and around Kadugli, as well as evidence of corpses wrapped in what appear to be body bags and/or tarps at four sites. Also, SSP’s imagery of apparent mass graves has been reviewed by Stefan Schmitt, International Forensic Program Director for Physicians for Human Rights, who concluded that the images "provide enough credible evidence to suggest the presence of mass graves."

See an interactive map showing locations of apparent mass graves at eight sites in and around Kadugli, the capital of South Kordofan, Sudan

The World Watches

These reports brought the crisis along the north/south border between Sudan and South Sudan to the forefront of international news, including thousands of media mentions in influential outlets such as The New York Times, the Washington Post, TIME Magazine, CNN, GlobalPost, and Al Jazeera English, and resulted in an emergency congressional briefing.

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Eyes in the Sky: Possible Body Bags

A cluster of objects in a lot in Kadugli is consistent with eyewitness reports of possible white-colored, plastic tarps or possible body bags being used to cover bodies. Satellite imagery shows the cluster of white objects was not present on June 17 at the same location. Read the Editor's Note to learn more about how SSP analyzed the white bundles.

June 17 imagery of clusters of body bags

Sites Containing Apparent Mass Graves in and Around Kadugli, South Kordofan

Apparent Mass Grave Site West of Hagar al Nar Neighborhood, Kadugli

8/24/11 - Special Report: Evidence of Burial of Human Remains in Kadugli, South Kordofan (with Editor's Note)

8/17/11 - Cover-Up: New Evidence of Three Mass Graves in South Kordofan

7/14/11 - Crime Scene: Evidence of Mass Graves in Kadugli, Sudan