Blue Nile Burning: Evidence of the Destruction of 'Amara Village


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The village of 'Amara, Blue Nile, Sudan was intentionally destroyed by Sudan Armed Forces. The imagery indicates a firefight apparently involving heavy armor or other tracked vehicles against dug-in fighting positions, uncontrolled burning of ground cover, the deliberate burning of individual structures consistent with civilian dwellings, and at least eight craters consistent with bombardment of the area by air-delivered ordnance.

“This imagery is consistent with reports from on the ground that the SAF has intentionally destroyed civilian communities in clear violation of the laws of war,” said John Bradshaw, Enough Project executive director. “The international community needs to take immediate action to protect at-risk civilians in Blue Nile state and elsewhere in Sudan including banning offensive flights over the areas of conflict.”

View the imagery on Flickr.

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