Launch Point: Corroboration of Reported SAF Air Attacks in South Sudan


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This imagery confirms evidence of bombings in Guffa and Yida refugee camps in South Sudan. The attacks took place on November 8 and 10. The new imagery corroborates that the increased air capacity noted in the previous report was likely used to drop bombs on refugees who fled to South Sudan to escape persecution in contested Sudanese border states.

The imagery shows three ground attack fighters, including two Nanchang Q-5’s and a Sukhoi SU-25, as well as four Hind helicopter gunships based in El Obeid, a military base for the Sudan Armed Forces, or SAF, within striking range of targets in South Sudan.

In Guffa refugee camp in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state, SAF launched a four-hour bombardment campaign on November 8 that killed seven people and destroyed an unknown number of structures. Reports of the recent attack on Yida camp, which sheltered approximately 21,000 people, allege that an Antonov dropped four bombs on the camp on November 10.

View the imagery on Flickr.

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