State of Emergency: Threat of Imminent SAF Attack on Kurmuk


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New satellite imagery shows evidence of heavy bombardment at Dindiro, Blue Nile, and subsequent troops massing and preparing to move south. SSP is issuing a human security warning for Kurmuk, Blue Nile, and the surrounding area due to the strong likelihood of potential SAF attack in the near future which may result in the use of indiscriminate and disproportionate force.

Images taken September 9 show rapid entrenchment of SAF forces in al-Damazin, the capital of Blue Nile, followed by more images from September 10 that show a battalion-sized mechanized convoy on the road from al-Damzin, passing Dindiro town and heading towards Kurmuk.

The most recent images from September 21 show heavily camouflaged, mechanized units of at least 3,000 Sudan Armed Forces soldiers on the road to Kurmuk. As of the morning of September 21 when the last images were taken, they were just 40 miles away from the SPLA-North stronghold.

View the imagery on Flickr.

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