Human Security Alert: Massive Mobilization of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in the Nuba Mountains

SSP Imagery 4.15.14

The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) is issuing a human security alert for the civilian population of the Kauda Valley in the war-torn Nuba Mountains region of Sudan. Digital Globe Intelligence Solutions (DGIS) imagery has captured a significant mobilization of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) around Rashad, Delaba, and Umm Abdallah in the Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan, Sudan. The SAF mobilization, which includes the movement of heavy weaponry into the area, appears to be preparation for an assault on Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) bases in the Kauda Valley.

Kaka Town Suffers Damage as Rebels March Towards Paloch

Washington, DC - New Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) imagery of the strategic town of Kaka in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state confirms the burning of 1071 huts and damage to the central market. The town, which lies on the road to South Sudan’s only productive oilfields in Paloch, was the scene of fighting one week ago.

Janjaweed Torches South Darfur IDP Camp Next to UNAMID Base


Confirming reports that first emerged from local sources and Radio Dabanga, new Satellite Sent

School in Nuba Mountains Bombed for Second Time

Written by Nicole Audette

The Forgotten Genocidal War in Darfur Revealed in New Satellite Photos

This post originally appeared on the Daily Beast.
We went to college when green “Save Darfur” rubber bracelets were ubiquitous on campuses across the country. Congress passed a unanimous resolution in 2004 declaring that the situation in Darfur amounted to a state-sponsored genocide by proxy Janjaweed militias.

Op-ed: Another Kind of Surge

Editor's Note: This op-ed authored by John Prendergast originally appeared on Foreign Policy.

The Killing of a Student is the Killing of a Nation

Sudanese police forces fired tear gas at over 1,000 mourners at the funeral procession on Wednesday, March 13, of a Junior University of Khartoum Economics major student who was killed by government forces on Tuesday, March 12.

Op-ed: The New Face of African Conflict

Editor's Note: This op-ed authored by John Prendergast originally appeared in Foreign Affairs.

Lost Boys' Clinic and Orphanage Touched by Violence in Duk County


Though the total number of damaged or destroyed homes is unknown, at least 10 huts were burned since February 9, 2014 in Duk Payuel, in South Sudan’s Jonglei state, as seen in satellite images reviewed by DigitalGlobe analysts. The area is home to the John Dau Foundation’s Duk Lost Boys Clinic and another project supported by former Lost Boy Joseph Akol Makeer: the African Heart American Soul Foundation's orphanage.

Image 1 - Overview of Duk Payuel town showing burned huts and looted buildings

U.S. Congress Acts on Sudan and South Sudan Conflicts

Over the past few days, Congress has been active in its response to the conflicts unfolding in both Sudan and South Sudan. In the House, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Human Rights, and International Organizations held a hearing on Sudan and South Sudan on Wednesday. In the Senate, Senator Cardin (MD) led a bipartisan Senate letter to the Administration. Since mass atrocities and human rights abuses are being committed in both countries, the Enough Project applauds the Senate and the House’s sustained attention to both countries.

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