Armed Civilians Challenge South Sudan Government

Posted by Nenad Marinkovic

Why the Crisis Mapping Community Needs 'People Protection Standards 1.0'

Response by the Satellite Sentinel Project Team at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative to Recent Comments Concerning the Global Brief Article Entitled: Crisis Mapping Needs an Ethical Compass

When Nathaniel Raymond, Caitlin Howarth, and Jonathan Hutson wrote our argument for the development of comprehensive ethi

Why Crisis Mapping Requires a Moral Compass

Good intentions alone are no match for regimes and their security agents bent on silencing dissent. For protesters on the ground in a country in turmoil and for activists overseas utilizing crisis mapping and social media to raise attention to their plight, the novelty of the technology and the creativity it enables has the potential to overshadow the harm that could be done if sensitive information gets into the wrong hands.

Fox News Coverage of Bible College Bombing Highlights Need for U.S. Engagement

Posted by Annie Callaway

Still Counting the Dead in South Sudan’s Jonglei Conflict

Posted by Nenad Marinkovic

JUBA, South Sudan -- The long-standing Lou Nuer-Murle feud in Jonglei state claimed the lives of a large number of civilians when some 6,000 Lou Nuer youth attacked the rival Murle in Pibor town at the end of December and early January. United Nations officials in the country cannot provide the exact number of people killed, but the U.N. estimates that 140,000 people were affected by the violence.

USA Today Oped: Sudan and Congo Savaged as World Shrugs

This oped co-authored by Enough Project co-founder John Prendergast with Michael O'Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and former Peace Corps volunteer in Congo,

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  • Satellites Catch Apparent Artillery Barrage as Sudan Armed Forces Create Chokepoint on Refugee Route to South Sudan

    WASHINGTON – Satellites monitoring flashpoints in Sudan’s border region of South Kordofan caught an apparent artillery barrage, in a visually striking image released by the Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP). The DigitalGlobe satellite image, analyzed for SSP by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, shows a line of six grey smoke plumes on a ridge above the town of Toroge. The image is consistent with reports of recent fighting in the area.

    Brewing Siege? Satellite Sentinel Project Reveals Evidence of SAF Encircling Key Nuba Area

    The Satellite Sentinel Project is issuing a human security alert for the Nuba Mountains region of South Kordofan, Sudan, including the Kauda Valley, based on new evidence from satellite imagery and analysis presented in a report released today.

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