Oil Blockade: Sudan’s Bid to Twist Arms in Talks with South Sudan

Sudan has begun to block the oil exports of newly independent South Sudan in a move aimed at changing negotiating dynamics to its favor. The decision has prevented a total of 1.6 million barrels of oil from being exported to two buyers and comes as talks in Addis Ababa between the two countries’ ruling party representatives are taking place. A key focus of the talks is to settle on the transit fee that South Sudan will pay to Sudan for the use of oil infrastructure located in the North.

Sudan Dispatch: A View from Blue Nile

Posted by Carine Umuhumuza on Nov 29, 2011

An increased aerial bombardment campaign, the killing and rape of civilians, and the displacement of people are just some of the atrocities that persist in the border regions between Sudan and South Sudan.

Using Witnesses in the Fight for Human Rights

This post co-authored with Kyle Matthews originally appeared today in Embassy, Canada’s foremost foreign policy magazine.

Ending genocide and other mass atrocities is a noble goal not yet realized, yet there is reason for hope.

62 Members of Congress Call for Shift in US Policy Toward Sudan

A bipartisan group of 62 Members of Congress sent a letter this week to President Obama urging the administration to recalibrate U.S. policy towards Sudan in order to address the serious humanitarian and security crises that millions of civilians are facing.

Sudan Rebel Groups Unite, Pledging to Overthrow Bashir

Posted by Tracy Fehr on Nov 21, 2011

Amid cross-border attacks by the government of Sudan on South Sudan, and the recent takeover of the former rebel stronghold Kurmuk in Sudan’s Blue Nile state, major Sudanese rebel groups have officially joined forces in an alliance to topple the Khartoum regime.

Satellite Sentinel News Roundup 11/18

SSP released reports focused on the unfolding crisis in Sudan and South Sudan on Friday, November 11 and Tuesday, November 15. The subsequent media coverage spoke to SSP’s increasing stance in conflict prevention reporting.

Miriam, Sudan Refugee: ‘It’s too fresh in my mind’

SHERKOLE REFUGEE CAMP, Ethiopia -- Miriam was listless as she spoke, sitting on a plastic mat outside of a tukul in the refugee camp. “I can’t even make any sense out of it because it’s too fresh in my mind,” she said, patting a crying young child clamoring for her attention. “My mind is still gripped by this,” Miriam said as she began to tell about the day fighting broke out in the town of Wad el-Mahi in Sudan’s Blue Nile state.

‘I Act for Sudan’ Generates Facebook Buzz, Urges U.S. to Protect Atrocity Victims

Posted by Corrine Hauth on Nov 16, 2011

Following up on its recent open letter to President Obama, the new alliance Act for Sudan is mobilizing on Facebook this week to get its message out to the masses and especially policy makers: It is time for the U.S. government to escalate actions against the Khartoum regime.

SSP Corroborates Evidence of Bombings of South Sudan Refugee Camps


Satellites Corroborate Sudan Armed Forces Capacity to Bomb Refugee Camps in South Sudan

WASHINGTON – The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has released new imagery corroborating reports that the Government of Sudan has bombed two refugee camps in South Sudan. DigitalGlobe satellite imagery captured 14 November and analyzed by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative for SSP reveals the Government of Sudan’s military aircraft at its El Obeid airbase in North Kordofan – including Antonov planes consistent with those eyewitnesses described as bombing the Guffa and Yida refugee camps across the border in South Sudan on 8 and 10 November.

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