Abyei Administrator Calls For ‘Tough Action’ From Internationals

Deng Arop Kuol, the Chief Administrator of Abyei until the SAF occupation, has called on the international community, and in particular the U.N. Security Council and the United States, to "take tough action" and exert greater pressure on President Omar al-Bashir. He said the tough action should not exclude military options.

SAF Airbase at El Obeid, North Kordofan, within Striking Range of Abyei

DigitalGlobe image taken 24 May 2011 for the Satellite Sentinel Project.

Sudan Armed Forces Mass Additional Troops, Tanks, Artillery Within Striking Range of Abyei

WASHINGTON – Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has identified Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) equipped with heavy armor and artillery at the El Obeid Barracks, approximately 270 miles from Abyei town, possibly preparing for deployment to southern areas. Based on analysis of available transportation logistics and the formation of the units, SSP has concluded that the forces there are capable of imminent forward movement.

Satellite Images Document Destruction in Wake of Abyei Invasion

WASHINGTON -- The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has documented evidence of attacks by armored vehicles and the destruction of villages in Sudan's disputed border region of Abyei following the reported bombardment and occupation of the area by the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) on May 20-21.

Abyei Invasion: Evidence of SAF Incursion into Abyei; and Fact Sheet on Sudan Armed Forces Invasion

SSP confirms attacks on locations in Abyei by northern-aligned forces and provides first satellite imagery of invasion, including SAF air support.

War Again Between North and South Sudan?

By: John Prendergast

Sunday, as the Khartoum regime was solidifying its military occupation of Abyei and beginning to loot and burn the town, I heard from one of the foremost experts on Sudan in the world, Dr. Douglas Johnson. We agreed that Bashir's government felt certain that it would face no international consequences for its attack on Abyei, which threatens to plunge the North and South back to full-scale war. In the absence of any cost or accountability, to have believed that Khartoum would NOT strike would have been foolhardy.

This is what Dr. Johnson wrote to me:

After Assault on Abyei, U.S. Must Adopt a Consequence-based Sudan Policy: Rights Groups

Washington - The U.S. government’s incentive-oriented policy toward Sudan has not achieved its objectives. The Khartoum regime has militarily occupied Abyei, escalated bombing and aid cut-offs in Darfur, and increased support for ethnic militias throughout the South.  The process toward normalization between the U.S.

Four Villages Reportedly Bombarded in Abyei as U.N. Investigates Convoy Ambush

On Friday, three villages north of Abyei town were reportedly bombed, and a fourth reportedly bombed or shelled, according to multiple reports from sources on the ground, said the Enough Project. Sources say the Sudan Armed Forces conducted the bombings. These reports have not been officially confirmed. The U.N. Security Council had been scheduled for a visit to Abyei this coming Monday.

The Razing: Intentional Burning at el-Feid, Nuba Mountains

The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has confirmed that at least 356 structures in the town of el-Feid, located in the Nuba Mountains region of South Kordofan State, Sudan, have been razed. There is evidence that an area in Um Barmbita has also been burned, but no visible structures appear to have been destroyed. SSP cannot confirm based on the imagery collected whether the scorched area in Um Barmbita was intentionally burned. There is evidence of scorching at several points between and around the two communities, which are an estimated 15 to 20 kilometers apart. The razing of el-Feid underscores the rising tensions in the Nuba Mountain region as next month’s South Kordofan State gubernatorial elections approach.

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