Video: Protecting Civilians and Promoting Peace in Sudan

Three and a half months from now, the world's newest nation will be born: the Republic of Southern Sudan. Heady times for a people who have fought for 50 years for freedom, and won the right to vote in what was a peaceful independence referendum in January. But this road to freedom is filled with danger points, none more so than Abyei, the hotly disputed Connecticut-sized territory wedged within the border between North and South.

Field Dispatch: Brewing Insecurity in Abyei

The Abyei region, long anticipated to be a trouble spot in post-referendum Sudan, has lived up to the expectations, creating an impasse in high-level political talks and erupting in skirmishes on the ground between various forces loyal to the North and the South.

Enough field researcher Mayank Bubna has made numerous trips to the contested region since Southern Sudan’s vote in January, and he filed a new Enough Project field dispatch based on interviews there. He wrote:

Compound in Goli

Installation consistent with military or police compound in Goli, Abyei region, Sudan. DigitalGlobe satellite taken March 21, 2011.

Fortified Compound in Diffra

DigitalGlobe satellite image of fortified compound in Diffra, Abyei region, Sudan. Taken March 16, 2011.

Satellite Images Reveal Movement of More Forces Backed by Government of Sudan into Contested Abyei Region

WASHINGTON -- The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has released imagery confirming the movement of additional forces backed by the Government of Sudan into the contested Abyei region. The latest imagery reveals the presence of fortified encampments inside Abyei near Bongo, Goli and Diffra, according to the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative's analysis of the DigitalGlobe satellite imagery.

The Responsibility to Protect in Abyei

As Sudan’s northern and southern governments hurl accusations about who is responsible for recent flare-ups along the disputed border, U.N. officials issued a principled reminder to both governments of their responsibility to protect their people. In a joint statement issued yesterday, the U.N.

PBS Newshour Profiles DigitalGlobe and Satellite Sentinel Project

In a segment on PBS NewsHour last night, Tom Bearden reported on the Satellite Sentinel Project’s use of imagery from space to track and document the deliberate razing of villages in the Abyei region of Sudan.

PBS NewsHour visited DigitalGlobe's satellite control room and analysis center in Colorado and sat down with the Enough Project’s Jonathan Hutson to discuss the significance of having private satellite companies monitor violence in Sudan in real-time. Hutson explained:

Bang the Drum for Peace in Darfur (Video)

By Don Cheadle and John Prendergast

There is a moment in every global crisis where things no longer seem new and dynamic. Where hope for a solution is replaced with uncertainty, which morphs into cynicism, despair, or even indifference. Many people who were such enthusiastic supporters of building a movement to end the genocide in Darfur have gone through some of these stages, frustrated by the lack of a resolution of the crisis there.

Video: Eye Witness Recounts Razing of Village in Abyei

The Enough Project has released a video statement from an eye witness of the razing of Maker Abior village who said he saw combatants wearing SAF uniforms as well as other armed actors who appeared to be Janjaweed.

“Arabs attacked the village. Some were wearing SAF uniforms. Some were dressed like Janjaweed,” said Kuol Alor Kuol, a 73-year-old eye witness and resident of the village. “We will stay here because it is our land. This is our ancestors’ land.”

Following Violent Clashes, Increased Military Activity inside Abyei

New military fortifications and positions have been established inside the Abyei region by armed actors linked to both North and South Sudan, respectively, according to new satellite imagery and analysis from the Satellite Sentinel Project. These new developments follow outbreaks of violence and the burning down of three villages in Abyei last week, raising the prospect of renewed conflict on an even more serious scale in

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