Satellite Imagery Confirms North, South Sudanese Armed Actors at New Frontline Positions inside Abyei

WASHINGTON – The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has released images showing a buildup and entrenchment of armed actors, aligned with the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Southern People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), respectively, at new frontline positions inside the contested border region of Abyei in Sudan. 

“This increased military activity is a warning that the recent village razings in Abyei could be a prologue to wider and worsening conflict,” said 

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  • Frontline Abyei: Evidence of Military Escalation in Abyei Region

    Following the recent razing of three villages, there has been increased military activity in and around the contested Abyei region of Sudan during the past week. Actors aligned with both the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) appear to have improved their defensive positions and mobilized additional offensive capacity, including, in one case, vehicles consistent with the transport of heavy armor.

    Video Corroborates Satellite Images of Burned Abyei Villages

    Last week, as militants torched three villages in the contested region of Abyei, Satellite Sentinel Project captured the first images confirming reports that the villages were deliberately burned.

    Now the Enough Project has obtained video footage taken from the razed villages of Maker Abior and Todach soon after the attack. The video shows huts still smoldering and dead bodies of southern police being loaded into the back of a pickup truck.

    Emergency Report: Confirmation of Intentional Burning of Tajalei

    View the high-resolution satellite imagery.

    This emergency report analyzes DigitalGlobe satellite imagery indicative of the intentional destruction of Tajalei village in Sudan's contested Abyei region.

    Abyei Violence Prompts Mass Exodus, Fuels Anger on the Ground

    In the aftermath of a wave of violence in Abyei that left over 100 dead and saw the systematic burning of three villages just north of Abyei town, tens of thousands of civilians have fled while residents still in town are angry, disillusioned, and anxious, according to on-the-ground reporting and visuals from Enough photographer Tim Freccia. Freccia, who has been based in Abyei since violence broke out early last week, reports that the situation in the contested and highly-volatile border region today is relatively quiet, if fraught with tension.

    Satellite Sentinel Project Confirms Deliberate Burning of Third Village in Abyei Region

    WASHINGTON -- The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has released new satellite imagery confirming the intentional burning of a third village, Tajalei, in Sudan’s Abyei region, in addition to the deliberate destruction since March 2 of the villages of Maker Abior and Todach. 

    Intentional Destruction of Village | Tajalei

    Satellite image taken by DigitalGlobe for Satellite Sentinel Project on March 3, 2011, before the village of Tajalei was deliberately burned. credit: DigitalGlobe/Satellite Sentinel Project

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