Security Talks Bring Abyei Back from the Brink of War

KADUGLI, Sudan – Following politics in Sudan can be as surreal as an M. C. Escher illustration. Just when you think you have a good grounding in the issues, the floor becomes the ceiling and your whole perception takes a 180-degree jolt.

Top Abyei Official: Disarmament Key to Peace

On the sidelines of a high-level meeting on security in the contested region of Abyei, Enough’s Matt Brown and Tim Freccia spoke to Abyei chief administrator Deng Arop. As Matt reported from the capital of Kadugli in the northern border state of Southern Kordofan, a six-hour closed-door meeting between key northern and southern officials led to a list of four resolutions for easing tension in the volatile area. Chief among them, according to Deng Arop, is disarmament.

Returnees Face Security Threats along Road to Abyei

ABYEI, Sudan – The convoy of 95 buses had been on the road for a week when it ran into problems. Hundreds of southern Sudanese families with all their belongings were trying to return to the South from Khartoum because they were afraid of reprisals after the South’s independence referendum.

Talks Diffuse Tension After Clashes in Abyei

ABYEI, Sudan – Last week, while the rest of southern Sudan was celebrating the successful start of an independence referendum, this troubled border region was embroiled in bloody clashes between southern security forces and an Arab militia long used as a proxy by the North.

Overview of the Humanitarian Impact of Reported Recent Clashes in Darfur

JAAC, Southern Sudan -- Angelina, 25, was nine months pregnant when Antonovs started flying over her village of Liet in South Darfur. Then the janjaweed militias arrived. Angelina, her husband, and their five-year-old son fled south, eventually settling in a newly formed settlement of displaced people in this remote village in southern Sudan’s Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

“The running made my baby come,” Angelina said, describing how she gave birth during the journey, which took two weeks by foot.

Jon Stewart, 'The Daily Show' Go to Sudan for a Pick-Me-Up

The Satellite Sentinel Project is on a media roll, helping to focus world attention on Sudan in influential outlets ranging from TIME Magazine, CNN's "Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer," ABC's "This Week with Christiane Amanpour," Al Jazeera, and BBC Arabic to pop culture platforms

Field Dispatch: Sudanese Refugees in Kenya Eager to Vote, Uncertain about Return Home

KAKUMA, Kenya– With their country at war far more often than at peace in the 54 years since independence, Sudan’s people have often been on the move in search of security. For the southerners living in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, this week’s referendum on independence represents the best chance for returning to their homeland, and they are turning out in droves.

Of the 8,000 to 9,000 southerners living in Kakuma, the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission registered 5,525 voters.

Senator Kerry: 'Abyei is not being forgotten'

The successful launch of South Sudan’s referendum is cause for celebration, but a lot of work remains, emphasized Senator John Kerry, actor George Clooney, and Enough Co-Founder John Prendergast at a press conference in Juba on the first day of polling.

Unity State: Northerners in the South Want to Stay

By Mayank Bubna
Enough Project Field Researcher, Juba

BENTIU, Southern Sudan – Southerners talking about why they want independence from the North in the historic referendum often lace their statements with illusions to bondage, religious repression, and racism. So it’s easy to see the South’s expected vote for separation as a wholesale rejection of the North. But in day-to-day life in southern Sudan’s Unity state capital, northerners and southerners work alongside each other and share common values and mutual respect.

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