Bombed and Burned: Darfuri Civilians Flee East Jebel Marra En Masse

Washington, D.C.— As fighting and insecurity in Darfur escalates, new Satellite Sentinel Project imagery independently confirms evidence of Sudan Air Forces (SAF) bombardments in the northern region of Darfur. Images from March 21 show at least 17 bomb craters and 311 burned homes across across six villages in the mountainous Jebel Marra area. DigitalGlobe Intelligence Solutions’ review of recent imagery also confirms destruction from ground attacks, in some cases, in the same places that were bombed as well. 
Co-Founder of the Satellite Sentinel Project, John Prendergast said:


"This new incarnation of Janjaweed fighters, now re-named the Rapid Support Forces but still supported by the Khartoum government, are now attacking Darfuri civilians and torching homes on a scale not seen since 2003."

Civilians throughout East Jebel Marra and in other nearby areas are being killed, wounded, beaten, kidnapped, and robbed in these attacks. The United Nations has estimated, since the beginning of the year, 215,000 people in Darfur were driven from their homes by violence. Some 146,000 of those were in North Darfur. 

Akshaya Kumar, Enough Project Sudan Analyst, said: 

"These latest images, which confirm a disturbing indiscriminate pattern of bombardment in Darfur, offer independent evidence of the Sudanese army's war crimes in the area since they are the only fighting force with aerial capacity." 

The combination of aerial and ground attacks in East Jebel Marra, a region that has been under a government imposed humanitarian aid blockade, leaves hundreds of thousands of civilians at risk. 

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