Blue Nile Burning: Evidence of the Destruction of 'Amara Village


The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP), through the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s analysis of DigitalGlobe satellite imagery, has identified evidence of the intentional destruction of at least thirty-three structures largely consistent with civilian dwellings in the vicinity of `Amara, Blue Nile, Sudan. SSP’s analysis of imagery captured on 27 November 2011 indicates a firefight apparently involving heavy armor or other tracked vehicles against dug-in fighting positions occurred sometime between 11 and 27 November.

The uncontrolled burning of ground cover is clearly visible.   The razed structures, which are consistent with civilian dwellings, do not have charred ground cover between them, indicating that those structures appear to have been deliberately burned.  The thirty-three apparently burned structures were among 100 structures present in the area before the fighting commenced. Two fortified encampments apparently under SAF control are now present in the area.

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