Kadugli (17 Jan 2011)

On January 17, a ministerial meeting between northern and southern representatives took place in Kadugli to formalize resolutions to security issues initially discussed by Misseriya and Dinka Ngok leaders on January 13.  Southern Interior Minister Giir and Abyei Chief Administrator Deng Arop represented the south, while the north was represented by Interior Minister Hamed and Governor of Southern Kordofan, Ahmed Haroun. The following points were agreed upon in the meeting: 1) The SPLA must remove its police from the northern Abyei area. They will be replaced by two JIUs from Wau. 2) IDPs will have safe passage of return. JIUs will protect returnees coming south. 3) Misseriya will have access to grazing land in Abyei. They will have a safe migration corridor. 4) Ngok Dinka and Misseriya will be disarmed. PDFs will be disarmed. (Field report filed by Enough Project staff)

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