Khartoum (30 Jan 2011)

Hundreds of armed riot police used batons and teargas to break up students and other young Sudanese protesters calling for the resignation of leaders of the Sudanese government.  Witnesses reported that police beat and arrested an unconfirmed number of students in an effort to contain demonstrations to universities in the capital city.  Anti-government protesters organized in part through the use of social networking sites, including Facebook, which plays host to groups called "The Spark" and "Youth for Change", which has attracted over 15,000 members.  The demonstrations appear to have been inspired by the recent popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.  The start of the protests also coincided with the release of the preliminary results of the referendum from the determination of Southern Sudan, which overwhelmingly favored secession.  ("Sudan Police Clash With Protesters." Al Jazeera 30 Jan. 2011. Retrieved from