Pipeline: Evidence of the Destruction of Key Oil Infrastructure, Heglig (Report)

Pipeline: Evidence of Destruction of Key Oil Infrastructure, Heglig

The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP), through the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s analysis of DigitalGlobe satellite imagery captured 15 April 2012, has found evidence of the destruction of key oil pipeline infrastructure in Heglig, South Kordofan, Sudan. SSP has also found cratering consistent with bombardment of some form visible in close proximity to nearby oil pipeline and oil production facilities. SSP cannot make a determination based on the evidence currently available as to either who destroyed the object consistent with an oil collection manifold or the precise date it was destroyed. SSP also cannot conclude whether the apparent manifold’s destruction was the result of aerial bombardment or ground action.


In oil pipeline systems, a collection manifold is an accessory which connects various piping systems together to either divide or combine different flows of oil. The destroyed structure appears consistent with a collection manifold because of its shape and its location at the junction of multiple pipelines. The destruction of this particular collection manifold would likely result in the immediate cessation of oil flow in the area.