‘Good News for the New Year’: Round-up of Satellite Sentinel Project Coverage

The launch of the Satellite Sentinel Project captured the attention of national and international news media last week, and has been prominently featured in dozens of countries.

Video: Endgame in Sudan

Debuting in a blog post by Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times, a new video co-produced by the Enough Project and Not On Our Watch captures the precariousness of the present moment in Sudan, as the country prepares for a historic vote expected to split it in two. The video, "Endgame in Sudan," gets further mileage out of actor George Clooney’s recent trip to the South, where he met with people living in communities in the volatile border region. It includes footage from the village of Maryal Bai -- hometown of Valentino Deng, the protagonist of Dave Eggers's What Is the What.

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