Satellite Sentinel News Roundup 10/7

On Monday, October 3, IRIN Humanitarian News and Analysis mentioned SSP in their post, Sudan-South Sudan: What the analysts are saying post-secession.” (source)

Satellite Sentinel Project in the News: Tune in Today

The Satellite Sentinel Project is receiving prominent attention from news broadcasters, including National Public Radio and Al Jazeera English.

NPR’s Brooke Gladstone interviewed Enough Project Director of Communications Jonathan Hutson for the October 1 broadcast of “On the Media” to learn more about the project’s human rights monitoring via satellite.

Satellite Sentinel News Roundup 7/7

Satellite Sentinel Project captures the attention of major media around the world, using satellite imagery and ground-based reporting to focus attention on and promote accountability for mass atrocities in Northern and Southern Sudan. Here is a round-up of recent, select media coverage of SSP.

SSP published two reports since July 1, 2011.  

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