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A Comprehensive Agreement for the Two Sudans: Is it Possible?

By Jenn Christian | Jul 5, 2012

New Timeline: Hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan - A Chronology of Recent Events

Posted by Edward Ford

In recent days the renewed hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan have caught the world’s attention. However, the back-and-forth between the two countries has often been difficult to follow. In light of this, the Enough Project has produced a new timeline to chronicle the often confusing events along the border and in the negotiating room.

The timeline details major events since the signing of the non-aggression pact in February to the recent bombings in and around the Unity state capital of Bentiu.

Sudan Forces Bomb South Sudan; Negotiations Stall

Posted by Nenad Marinkovic

U.N. and A.U. React to Sudan-South Sudan Border Conflict

Posted by Jenn Christian

On April 12, U.N. Security Council and the A.U. Peace and Security Council issued statements about the rising conflict between Sudan and South Sudan yesterday, with the U.N. demanding and the A.U. calling on both countries to immediately to deescalate conflict along their ill-defined international border, including the South withdrawing from Heglig and the Sudan Armed Forces, or SAF, ceasing aerial bombardments in South Sudan. The two statements also called for the immediate implementation of prior agreements concerning the border and a return to the AUHIP-facilitated negotiation process.

Two Sudans on the Brink of War?

Posted by Nenad Marinkovic

Relations between Two Sudans Deteriorate as War Rhetoric Returns

Posted by Nenad Marinkovic on Nov 09, 2011

Sudan on the Verge of Full-Scale Civil War?

This post originally appeared on the security blog at Think Progress.

Achol’s face and neck were dotted with white burns from the sparks of a cluster bomb. Her daughter, one-year-old Nyibach, suffered from the same painful sores. Achol’s family, which includes four other children who went missing in the chaos of the recent attack, is from Abyei, the hotly contested region on Sudan’s North-South border.

Abyei Administrator Calls For ‘Tough Action’ From Internationals

Deng Arop Kuol, the Chief Administrator of Abyei until the SAF occupation, has called on the international community, and in particular the U.N. Security Council and the United States, to "take tough action" and exert greater pressure on President Omar al-Bashir. He said the tough action should not exclude military options.

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