How Nonprofits Can ‘Get It’ to Work More Effectively with Celebs

The Enough Project is both lauded and criticized for its work with celebrities. Naysayers claim that celebrity engagement oversimplifies the issues, while supporters point out the benefits that come from high-profile activists promoting awareness of important issues and gaining the ears of high level policy-makers.

SSP Sept 23 Attack Helicopters

Satellite Sentinel News Roundup 11/4

On Thursday, November 3, distinguished war correspondent Rick MacInnes-Rae of the Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation (CBC) interviewed Enough Project Director of Communications Jonathan Hutson about the work of the Satellite Sentinel Project for "Dispatches," CBC's foreign affairs show.

'Technology in Service of Humanity': Facebook and the Satellite Sentinel Project

“Anyone wanting to join forces and keep updated with what is happening in Sudan with a focus on Southern Sudan -- this is a great project aiming at saving lives,” Kenya’s Kim Rune recently wrote on the Satellite Sentinel Project’s (SSP) Facebook page.

Conflict in Blue Nile: Rebel Stronghold Falls to Sudan Army

By Nenad Marinkovic

JUBA, South Sudan -- Sudan Armed Forces, or SAF, have taken control of the stronghold of the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North, or SPLA-N, in Kurmuk town, near the Ethiopian border.

Sudan Dispatch: Government Forces Target Civilians in Blue Nile, Refugees Say

This dispatch on Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia was originally posted on the Enough Project website.

Sudanese Refugees Recount Horrors of Blue Nile Conflict: New Enough Project Series

SHERKOLE REFUGEE CAMP, Ethiopia – Sudanese government forces and militias are killing and raping civilians in Blue Nile state, according to refugees who fled the fighting. These alarming new details about the ongoing conflict in Sudan are revealed in a new Enough Project field dispatch based on interviews with refugees along the Ethiopian border.

The Citizen Journalists on the Frontline in Sudan

For months, Ryan Boyette’s name and his presence in the Nuba Mountains remained a closely-held detail, never mentioned in public reporting about the atrocities that have been unfolding in the area since June.

Intelligence Journal Recognizes Satellite Sentinel Project’s Work in the ‘Top 25’

SSP’s unique role in bridging the gap between intelligence and human rights activism is reinforced by our recognition in C4ISR Journal’sBig 25 Awards.” The world of C4ISR—“Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance” —may seem obscure, but these awards recognize some of the most important contributions to international safety you never knew existed.

SitRep 21 October 2011: Reported SAF attack on Sali, Blue Nile and potential impact on Kurmuk

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative prepared this situation report for the Satellite Sentinel Project.

Enough and Citizen Journalist Brief Congress on Evidence of Ethnic Cleansing in Sudan

New satellite imagery and the testimony of a citizen journalist from Sudan got attention on Capitol Hill yesterday in a briefing highlighting firsthand accounts from the Nuba Mountains of the conflict-torn border region of South Kordofan. 

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