As Sudan Army Advances on Rebel Turf, Bashir Vows Troops Will ‘Pray in Kurmuk Soon’

Last week, the Satellite Sentinel Project, or SSP, reported on what appeared to be mechanized units of the Sudanese Armed Forces, or SAF, pointed toward the rebel stronghold of Kurmuk in Sudan’s Blue Nile state.

Clooney Capitalizes on ‘Ides of March’ Buzz to Spur Attention for Sudan

George Clooney is used to being the center of attention both onscreen and off. But he has been playing some particularly relevant roles of late—both in the real world and on screen.

SitRep 27 September 2011: Refugees Flee Sudan's Blue Nile State

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative prepared this situation report for the Satellite Sentinel Project.


State of Emergency: Threat of SAF Attack on Kurmuk


Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) is issuing a human security warning in this report for Kurmuk and the surrounding area due to the strong likelihood of potential SAF attack in the near future which may result in the use of indiscriminate and disproportionate force. 

Satellites Show Imminent Threat of SAF Attack in Blue Nile State

Photo from September 10 of fighting positions and a mixed convoy of vehicles (DigitalGlobe)

Sudan: U.N., Aid Group Allegedly Targeted in Blue Nile Bombing

Within hours of the Satellite Sentinel Project’s warning about a possible pending attack on the town of Kurmuk, there is a report indicating that the U.N. mission and compound of Save the Children were targeted in a government bombing campaign. According to a spokesman for the opposition SPLM-North, quoted by AFP, an Antonov bombed the town, which is under SPLA-N control.

‘Ides of March’ Screening to Benefit Satellite Sentinel Project

“The Ides of March,” the new George Clooney-Ryan Gosling political thriller, opens in theaters on October 7. But some of those involved with the film, including George Clooney himself, plan to stir up some pre-release hype to raise funds for some of their favorite nonprofits through a screening next week at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. The Satellite Sentinel Project is one of the beneficiaries.

Sudan Army’s Withdrawal from Abyei Behind Schedule

Sudan government troops have yet to comply with the first phase of a withdrawal schedule aimed at demilitarizing the disputed Abyei area that sits between Sudan and South Sudan. According to the timeline, signed by Sudanese and South Sudanese government officials two weeks ago, the northern Sudan Armed Forces, or SAF, should have withdrawn out of Abyei town by the end of last week. Southern and U.N. sources say that SAF remain in Abyei town.

Opposition Leader: ‘Change is Inevitable’ in Sudan

As violence continues in Blue Nile and South Kordofan, the leader of the group fighting Sudanese government forces in the two border states called for a “holistic, integrated approach” to Sudan’s multiple conflicts.

Sudan: More Evidence of Khartoum’s Targeting of Civilians as New Front Erupts

A new battle zone along Sudan’s volatile border opened last night, with government bombardments and fighting reported from the capital of Blue Nile state. Enough issued a statement this afternoon condemning the assault on Blue Nile, the third region to come under attack by Sudan Armed Forces in the past six months.

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