Video Corroborates Satellite Images of Burned Abyei Villages

Last week, as militants torched three villages in the contested region of Abyei, Satellite Sentinel Project captured the first images confirming reports that the villages were deliberately burned.

Now the Enough Project has obtained video footage taken from the razed villages of Maker Abior and Todach soon after the attack. The video shows huts still smoldering and dead bodies of southern police being loaded into the back of a pickup truck.

Video: The Economist interviews John Prendergast on the U.S., China, and prospects for peace in Sudan

Sitting in his office in D.C., Enough’s John Prendergast took part in the video series Tea with The Economist, recently featured on the magazine’s website. The conversation focuses on the Sudan referendum and division of Africa’s largest country, with an emphasis on how the U.S. and China’s objectives coalesced to help bring about a peaceful vote in the South that was quickly accepted by the northern ruling party.

A key quote from Prendergast:

Act Locally in Sudan with New Satellite Imagery and Maps

After years of conflict, Southern Sudan overwhelmingly opted to secede from the country’s north. Many challenges lie ahead as the newly independent state negotiates the rocky path towards independence. We believe that access to high-quality, up-to-date and locally relevant maps will assist humanitarian organizations working in the region.

Kharassana (27 Jan 2011)

Our first published report contains imagery and analysis of SAF deployments, artillery, and fortificatons at an outpost near Kharassana:

Imagery from the report:

Sudan Paves Way for Full-Scale Assault on Nuba People of South Kordofan

Suspected Mass Grave Below Welcome Sign, "Kadugli, The Town of Love and Peace"

Roadwork Near Liri

Roadwork near Liri in South Kordofan.

Roadwork Near Muglad

Roadwork for an installation near Muglad in South Kordofan.

Checkpoint North of Abyei Town on Diffra Road

Barriers outline a checkpoint on the Diffra road near Abyei. 

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