‘Good News for the New Year’: Round-up of Satellite Sentinel Project Coverage

The launch of the Satellite Sentinel Project captured the attention of national and international news media last week, and has been prominently featured in dozens of countries.

George Clooney: ‘The World is Watching’ – New Satellite Sentinel Project Aims to Deter War in Sudan

Contact: Jonathan Hutson, Director of Communications, Enough Project,, Mobile: +1-202-386-1618

Washington, DC – A new human rights project -- initiated by George Clooney -- will combine satellite imagery analysis and field reports with Google's Map Maker technology to deter the resumption of war between North and South Sudan.

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Deterring Possible War and Genocide in Sudan

A Message From George Clooney and John Prendergast

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Endgame in Sudan

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Debuting in a blog post today by Nick Kristof of The New York Times, a new video co-produced by Sudan Now and Not On Our Watch captures the precariousness of the present moment in Sudan, as the country prepares for a historic vote expected to split it in two.


Sudan Peace Watch - December 21, 2010

With voter registration complete and less than a month before voting is set to begin, referendum preparations and negotiations for post-referendum arrangements continue in Sudan. Tensions continue to run high, with an increasing number of returnees, violence along the border, and a failure to reach an agreement on Abyei. In Darfur, renewed fighting continues to imperil civilians despite some progress at the negotiations in Doha.

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