Life in the Nuba Mountains


Our partner the Enough Project has released a needs assessment conducted by anonymous researchers with access to rebel-held parts of Sudan’s South Kordofan state. An independent humanitarian expert has endorsed the methodology of the study, “Life in the Nuba Mountains” which paints a holistic picture of a place where internationals are not given permission to enter.

USA Today Op-ed: George Clooney: Sudan could become a second Syria

Editor's Note: This op-ed, written by George Clooney, co-founder of Not On Our Watch, and John Prendergast, co-founder of the Enough Project, together head the Satellite Sentinel Project originally appeared on USA Today.

Nuba Reports Launches New Film, "The Bombing Campaign"

This post was written by guest blogger, Hannah Weitzman. 

Today, Nuba Reports launched a new film, The Bombing Campaign, as part its ongoing movement to bring the relentless bombings in the Nuba Mountains to the attention of the global community. The film, The Bombing Campaign, offers a compelling visual of the extent to which lives are at stake due to the reckless bombings in the region.

Daily Beast Op-ed: Clooney's Satellites Detect Sudan Threat

Editor's Note: This op-ed by Enough Project Co-Founder John Prendergast and Sudan and South Sudan Policy Analyst Akshaya Kumar originally appeared on the Daily Beast.

Human Security Warning: Sudan Army Poised for Offensive in South Kordofan or Abyei

The Satellite Sentinel Project is issuing a human security warning for civilians living in Buram, Tess, and other areas to the south of Kadugli in Sudan’s South Kordofan state. Re-positioned aerial assets also place the highly contested Abyei area within range of the Sudanese army's arsenal.

Human Security Warning: Sudan Army Poised for Offensive in South Kordofan or Abyei


Correction: An earlier version of this report attributed aircraft participating in a UNISFA troop rotation at Kadugli Air Base to the Sudan Armed Forces. Since the signature visual identifiers of SAF helicopters match those of United Nations aircraft, imagery analysts find it difficult to distinguish between the two. 

Clooney's Satellite Sentinel Issues Human Security Alert for Sudan's South Kordofan and Abyei

The Satellite Sentinel Project, which George Clooney founded along with John Prendergast in 2010, is issuing a human security warning for civilians living south of Kadugli in Sudan’s South Kordofan

Sudans: Amid Protests, Continued Violations on Contested Border

Sudans: Amid Protests, Continued Violations on Contested Border Zone

Continued Violations: Both Sudans Still Violating Demilitarized Border Zone

New satellite imagery of the border area between Sudan and South Sudan shows that neither government has fulfilled international obligations to demilitarize their shared border. Despite public recommitments made by both presidents in early September 2013, Sudanese and South Sudanese forces retain military units within the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone (SDBZ), including areas that are still subject to border dispute. DigitalGlobe satellite imagery shows that Sudan has kept a military presence along the border at six locations with 14 occupied positions. Sudan appears to have made an effort to remove or relocate some units positioned inside the SDBZ, but only the unit at Radom appears to be vacated.

Satellite Imagery Confirms Sudan Armed Forces Bombing in Border Zone

WASHINGTON – New satellite imagery from September 8, 2013 shows evidence of recent aerial bombardment near the village of Jau in South Sudan's Unity State, within the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone, or SDBZ, along the shared border of the Sudans.

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